​​Watching  (class)  unfold was magical for me. This wasn’t just about him discovering dance. This was about learning, being imaginative, exploring his physical space, and his being brave and taking risksaway from me and under the guidance of an amazing dance educator.

This is ultimately what I want—for my son to grow, be inspired by great people, have positive and fun learning experiences that my husband and I cannot necessarily provide, and, hopefully, find his passions along the way.

Katherine & Parker  

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​Sep 2015

Kobe  had his 3rd Smarty Dance class today. As a dance educator I can honestly say that this is the best first exposure to dance that a child can have. It doesn't focus on dance technique, but rather concepts and age appropriate physical and mental development. Thank you, Lisa Kimsey!


​Nov 2015

I  thoroughly enjoyed the multigenerational class. It was a perfect treat!  My husband and I don’t have kids and I hang out with seniors a lot.  I was looking for an opportunity to spend time with younger people.
And afterwards, my brain was feeling so good and free. I was feeling agelessly.   I don’t know how else to describe what and how I was feeling.
And this morning, did I wake up feeling soar?  No.  My joints felt well lubricated and free. My brain was still feeling great!

Aimee (55)

​Sep 2015

​​Great information and take away activities! I especially like the cooperative learning aspect of your dances. This is an area that is needed as our children enter primary school.
Mahalo nui loa for your class!

Calvary by the Sea Montessori School

​Oct 2015

I love Smarty Dance!