BrainDance  is a sequential and holistic exercise based on the developmental movement patterns infants move through during their first year and we continue refining throughout our lives. The BrainDance integrates mind and body and may be adapted for all ages and abilities. It is a flexible framework, not a rigid exercise. BrainDance can be done, in many variations, as a warm-up in every class.

BrainDance was developed by Anne Green Gilbert of the Creative Dance Center in Seattle, WA.  Smarty Dance instructor, Lisa Kimsey, trained with Anne to learn BrainDance and brain compatible lesson planning. 

Each Smarty Dance class includes 5 parts:

  • Warming up with the Brain Dance 
  • Exploring the Concept 
  • Developing skills
  • Creating
  • Cooling down and reflecting 

​​Smarty Dance lesson plans alternate repetitive activities with new, playful explorations. New synapses are formed through novelty and are hard wired through repetition. Exploration and play are very important for developing creativity, understanding diversity, and building the ability to find a variety of solutions to a problem.

Exploring the dance concepts, manipulating props and instruments, playing and laughing with peers are very important ways that we learn. 
(It’s FUN!)